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Exterior House Cleaning – Window Cleaning, Gutters & More

Whenever planning to build a home, co-operate office, windows are the primary consideration that is discussed because a perfect building needs an ideal ventilation system. The magnificent ventilation system increases the house, office, and other buildings’ but also removes the unpleasant odor. There are some places that have an unpredictable climate for which they need particular attention to window selection. 

If we want to get started with window cleaning, then the windows should be washed two times in a year because the natural light can’t enter into your room until your windows are not free from splattered bugs, dirt, dust, and water spots. Many people wanted to keep their outside clean but feel hectic, no doubt, it is restless but not challenging. There are so many homemade cleaning hacks which suggest rubbing is a good idea. But in case you are looking for “window cleaners near me” in Elgin, then “fife,” a professional window cleaning of Elgin owner is here to serve you.

Hello there, I’m Fiona, the cleaning “fife” – that’s “wife” and “Fiona” put together. Yep, it was my husband’s tongue twister one day when he was introducing me to an old friend. Apparently his brain couldn’t decide between “this is my wife, Fiona” and “this is Fiona, my wife”, so out came “this is my Fife, Fiona” and all of us were in stitches laughing! Ever since that day, he’s called me his “fife” and that’s my name.

Like many couples, we both do our fair share to keep our home looking kept up and updated year round. Although my role is a bit unusual because I actually do most of the exterior cleaning, which I know a lot of other husbands in our area usually take on. I do hire out quite a bit of the work when I don’t have the equipment for it, such as the windows that are too high for my ladder. Still, I handle a lot of the exterior maintenance and have quite a few tricks up my sleeve for doing a good job at it. My hubby urged me to share some tips on a blog because the neighbors are always asking how we keep our outside so nice. So, here it is, the fife’s tips on cleaning roofs, windows, gutters, yards, patios and more.

What Are The Various Approaches To Clean The Outside Windows

  • It is obvious that exterior parts of the windows accumulate more dirt and stains. Initiate the cleaning with preparing the solution. In cold water, pour a few drops of liquid dish soap.
  •  After preparing the solution, take a microfiber cloth and run over the surface of the window. If the window is higher, don’t use cloth instead of using soft cotton or microfiber mop on a pole.
  • With the hose thoroughly rinse the surface.
  • With the help of market-oriented spray (commercial cleaner) or damp mop from prepared solution (water and vinegar). Remove the dirt from the window.
  • After spray, wipe the window with a clean microfiber cloth or rubber-bladed squeegee wiper. Using this wiper from top to bottom at each pass will remove the splatter dirt. Afterward, to dry the window, use the newspaper page, or lint-free towel.
  • If some of the tough stains or spots are still visible on the window. Then drizzle the vinegar and water on the contaminated surface of the window and let it stand for several minutes before dying. If you don’t have the rubber-bladed squeegee, then you can use a soft scrubbie sponge.
  • Don’t use the harsh scrubbing cloths or steel wool because they might scratch your window.
  • While cleaning the windows, don’t forget to clean the window screens. Clean them with clean water, then spray the water and vinegar solution then rinse it again. Then dry the screens thoroughly.

There are areas that are leading with deficiencies of water, so the stains and spots are removed with mineral deposits. Apart from mineral deposits, there are other cleaning methods, but the ideal option is to go with a commercial cleanser. These cleansers easily remove the rust, calcium, and lime stains. Don’t forget to follow the instructions given by manufacturers.

As per the climate, the professionals need to install the window. There are several types of windows designed according to the location. The architecture designs different windows according to styles or decor. For instance, few are designed as per ideal airflow, some are easier to open, and others are for the picturesque views.

At Which Benchmark You Should Select The Window?

The selection criteria for a window should be below mentioned factors:

  • Location Of The Room
  • Direction Of The Wind
  • Size Of The Room
  • Utility Of Room
  • Climatic Condition Of The Particular Location
  • Architectural Point Of View

How Many Types Of Windows Are Used In Buildings?

Numerous windows are presently based on functioning, positions, and material. Each designed window has a different purpose.  The various types of windows are discussed below:

  • The Fixed Windows

As the name implies, the fixed windows are fixed within the wall. It does not have any closing or opening operation—the fixed window purpose is to transmit the light into the room. The full glazed weatherproof shutters are fixed in the window frame.

  • The Pivoted Windows

As the name is fairly justifying that pivots are provided to the window frames. These (pivots shaft) help the shutter to oscillate. According to the pivots, swinging can be vertical or horizontal.

  • The Sliding Windows

In this type of window, the shutter is moveable within the frame. The window has a roller bearing that moves the window. The opening and closing of the window shutter can be vertical or horizontal; you can select as per your convenience. Commonly you find these types of windows in the shops, bank counters, buses, etc.

  • The Double Hung Windows

In these windows, the two shutters are attached to one window frame. These shutters are fixed one above the other and can be slide vertical. The windows can be opened from two parts bottom to top and vice versa. To open or close the double-hung windows, you have to pull the metal chain or cord. The cord is the handle or control of the window. You can fix the position as per light or ventilation and other needs.

  • The Casement Windows

The most installed window of these days is the casement window. The shutters of the windows are attached to the frame, and you can open and close the door shutters precisely.

  • The Louvered Windows

Louvered windows do not have outside vision feathers; they are exactly like louvered doors that serve only ventilation. The window can be made up of wood, metal, or glass material. The louvered windows have a slope of a tilting cord and a lifting cord designed down to the rainwater and commonly used for private places such as toilets, bathrooms, etc.

  • The Mild Steel Metal Window

There are numerous materials from where you can make the metal window, but the mild steel is perfect and adjusts in a budget. These windows have more strength; this is why people use them frequently. These windows are mostly used in a private building and public building etc. The mild steel is cheap, then bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum. Frequently the metal shutters are used to give support to the panels.

How To Clean The Gutter?

Have Significant Tools

  • Goggles: The eyes are the most sensitive part, so anything splashes on your face the goggles can protect your eyes, they also keep away the critters and insects from getting into your eyes.
  • Gloves: The gloves can protect your hands from metal pieces and screws.
  • Ladder: Instead of an extension ladder, use the tall step ladder. Let someone hold the ladder is a good idea.
  • Scoop Or Trowel: The trowel or scoop keeps your hand’s injury and grimm free. It also increases the speed of cleaning as you can just scoop and dump.
  • Broom/Rake: The gutter leaves and debris around clean it with a broom, including the roof.
  • Garbage Bag: The waste material you have collected during cleaning, scoop, and dispose in the garbage bag.

 Contact A Professional

Gutter cleaning professionals perfectly do the gutter cleaning job. Because the professionals do the gutter cleaning work safely and provide you the maintenance advice. Numerous tools are required for cleaning that can be costly. The specialist already has entire tools and manpower.

How To Clean The House Roof?

  • Prepare a spray by putting an equal amount of chlorine bleach and water. Stir well and apply on the asphalt shingles. Then wait for 15-20 minutes and afterward clean it with plain water.
  • Before covering the wet plants and shrubbery in plastic, rinse it with clean water. Then with a prepared solution.
  • Commonly the roof accumulates algae, and moss eventually fades away with rainstorms and is removed with the leaf blower.
  • Prefer to clean the roof on a calm and cloudy day.
  • Before starting the cleaning process keenly, determine the roof so that you can safely walk it on the surface. If the house is more than a single story, then the ideal option is to hire the professionals. During cleaning, wear well-fitting shoes that are the slip-resistant sole and wear gloves/goggles to protect your skin and eyes.
  • To get the natural sunlight, trim the branches and leaves. Remove the debris with a leaf blower. Try to keep the gutter clean to ensure roofs remain as dry as possible.