Who’s The “Fife”



Hello there, I’m Fiona, the cleaning “fife” – that’s “wife” and “Fiona” put together. Yep, it was my husband’s tongue twister one day when he was introducing me to an old friend. Apparently his brain couldn’t decide between “this is my wife, Fiona” and “this is Fiona, my wife”, so out came “this is my Fife, Fiona” and all of us were in stitches laughing! Ever since that day, he’s called me his “fife” and that’s my name 😉

Like many couples, we both do our fair share to keep our home looking kept up and updated year round. Although my role is a bit unusual because I actually do most of the exterior cleaning, which I know a lot of other husbands in our area usually take on. I do hire out quite a bit of the work when I don’t have the equipment for it, such as the windows that are too high for my ladder. Still, I handle a lot of the exterior maintenance and have quite a few tricks up my sleeve for doing a good job at it. My hubby urged me to share some of tips on a blog because the neighbors are always asking how we keep our outside so nice. So, here it is, the fife’s tips on cleaning roofs, windows, gutters, yards, patios and more.